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          Devoted to coal mining, washing and dressing, coking, by-products deep processing, coal for natural gas production, and coal- methanol-hydrocarbon production, China Kingho Energy Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Kingho) is an international modern resources, energy and chemical company integrating metal ores mining and dressing, metallurgical chemical, refined coal chemical, building materials, logistics, hoteling and international trade.

          On April 12, the production ceremony of 2.5 million ton annual output mining project of first-phase 10 million iron ore mining and dressing project of Qinghai Kingho Group was held in Golmud Kingho Mining Company Galinge Ore Dressing Plant.

          China Kingho Group is a large enterprise specializing in resource development and clean energy utilization. With its major businesses in coal mining, coking, and gasification and new coal chemical industry,

          "Concern about the public interests, return to the community" is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, and also a social responsibility China Kingho has consistently adhered to.

          • With professional news reports, showing the latest corporate culture.

          • Cherish the resources in the development process, focusing on the construction of ecological civilization.

          • Exhibition park scenery, depicting human landscape, record wonderful moment

          • With the flow of light and shadow art, records  Qinghua development.

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